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Michel Leroy


​Academic Project Manager of the Erasmus+ project CoMMPASS (Communicating Migration and Mobility, E-Learning Programs and Newsroom Applications for Sub-Saharan Africa)


Erich-Brost Institute for International Journalism
Otto-Hahn Str. 2
44227 Dortmund

Email: send email

Twitter: @MediaDev_FR

Fields of research and teaching

  • Media sustainability
  • Media development
  • Editorial Analytics
  • Media and Migration
  • Media Social Impact


  • 2018-2022: Medas21 doctoral program (including courses on sustainable communication at Jönköping University, Sweden and on Process Tracing Methods at Central European University, Hungary)
  • 2009-2018: Paris-based free-lance content producer (investigation, blog, book, TV documentary…), trainer and consultant
  • 2001-2008: Lille-based Ecole supérieure de Journalisme and Paris-based Centre de formation des journalistes executive officer
  • 2000: Jean-Luc-Lagardère Foundation Award
  • 1996-2002: Writer and Sub-Editor for various dailies, weeklies and magazines, foreign correspondent in Laos for Agence France Presse
  • 1995-1996: Lecturer at Cairo University (Egypt) and journalist (Al-Gomhouria group)



  • Leroy, Michel (2022): Dealing with failures in Media Development Assistance, Medas 21 closing conference, Dortmund, 24 June 2022
  • Leroy, Michel (2022): Fundraising for media development, Townhall of the Global Forum for Media Development (virtual), 21 June 2022
  • Leroy, Michel/Meuter, Sacha (2022): “Défis actuels du développement des medias en zones de conflits” (discussant), Knowledge for Tomorrow Conference, Abidjan, Ivory Coast, 27-29 avril 2022
  • Leroy, Michel (2021): In Future We Trust: Sustainability of community radio in developing countries and its interaction with professionalization, European Media Management Association’s conference on “Public interventions in media“, Jönkoping and virtual, 29 October 2021
  • Leroy, Michel (2021): Sustainability through 20 years of media development evaluation, International Association for Media and Communication Research pre-conference (Media Sector Development working group), Nairobi and virtual, 11 July 2021
  • Leroy, Michel (2020): Response to the paper "Proximity Radio Stations: Sustainability or Pragmatic Viability?" by Myers, Mary/Harford, Nicola, International Association for Media and Communication Research pre-conference on "Re-Imagining Media Development" (Media Sector Development working group), Tampere, 12 July 2020

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