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Journalism Studies

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree course prioritises journalistic practice and includes a traineeship in the media. In the Master of Arts (MA) programme students intensively examine current journalistic topics from a practical and scientific perspective.

Science Journalism

To be able to understand, explain and classify science, students – both BA and MA - in this discipline, in addition to journalism studies, take a second subject such as medicine, life sciences, physics, and technical or data journalism.

Economic Policy Journalism

Undergraduates of economic-policy journalism focus on economics and journalistic practice. The MA programme is for graduates of macroeconomics programmes who wish to acquire professional skills in economic-policy journalism.

Music Journalism

Undergraduates of music journalism aim for expertise in music and professionalism in dealing with the media, which can be extended into an MA. The courses are conducted in cooperation with the Institute for Music and Musicology.


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